Parking Lots

by Ermine Coat

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ten songs about telethon, shoes, magnolia and neil young's hearse.


released November 12, 2013

thanks to Rhys for the 505, Maria for her bass, ebay for the autoharp, Kiel for the guitar, Mitch for the Microkorg patches, Mai for the guillotine



all rights reserved


Ermine Coat Melbourne, Florida


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Track Name: Telethon Dropout Anthem
dead from the neck
up and down i guess
add up my HECS
and i'm not talking to anybody

call up your work
tell them they're jerks
don't return their shirt
remind your brother that he owes you money

let's watch our brains drip through our hands

buy a bucket of paint
paint warhammer all day
be immune to the world outside
and my sister she calls
i don't know her at all
i'm immune to the world outside

no matter how far you're going
the fastest path
is just to stay where you are
and stay not talking to anybody

but i wanna belong
i wanna play this song
with the kids on telethon
dennis commetti playing synthesiser

la la
la la la la la la
la la
la la

let's get lost
let's get pissed
crossed off everyone's list
let's never ever talk to anyone

but if you still feel forlorn
drunk on the lawn
if you're still feeling torn
remind your brother that he owes you money
Track Name: Hillary Clinton
tired and shiftless
took her sister to the topless bar
the drinks were not even cheap
man, cauterize the past
don't call your ex
don't crawl into his jeep

but my head's in the sink
my mind is burning
each cemetary fills to a stop
and you're never gonna get what you want
that's the only thing that you've got

go to sleep and dream of roofing shingles/
fading to a thumbprint in my jeans
can't imagine the way you seem to think of me
when the way i seem to think is so frightening

it doesn't matter if the bar is open
when you're haemorrhaging out on the floor
a tidy list of things that you cannot ignore
bring you back where you were before

where there's no pretty white girls wearing lace on the riverbank
Track Name: Stay Ugly
if you want to be free
pick something to be
be your own fansite
stay ugly

neil young
in his hearse
will blindly reverse
cos out there on main street
disappointment lurks!

go fly your kite!
pull on that string and pull it tight

feel sick? can't get up?
are you coughing up blood?
piss out the window, man
who gives a fuck

"go your own way"
you can say it all day
but in the kitchen at her birthday party
forget what to say

kiss your own face
kiss someone else's face

blasting witch house in your bedroom alone

if you want to live
don't keep it hid
flush your head down the toilet
slamming the lid

own your albatross
mentally floss
take a lot of codeine
christopher cross

wouldn't it be nice?
wouldn't it be great to be that guy
Track Name: Masking Tape
if i wanna feel alone then i'll hang out with you
the ground'll open up between us as we're kicking off our shoes
i was gonna say something important i forgot
it doesn't matter
let the moment scatter

if you wanna feel alone then you'll hang out with me
i pull down the shutters man i put up the screens
like when you're working at a bridal shop in flushing queens
the moment shatters
pretend it doesn't matter

if i wanna feel at home i'll sing a borrowed tune
everything is stolen in everything i do
and whenever i steal my kisses from you

if you wanna feel at home well i wish i knew
i mean i know places you go and the things you do
but you're only ever starting to begin to come to view
i don't getcher
i'd rather getcher

but if i wasn't busy drowning i could probably stand
cos it's all just sand
and i do
and i don't
Track Name: Police Academy VII
all you wanna do is hurt
and be hurt in return
it seems like a lot of work
do you have to break the skin
to let anything in
if you cut his dick right off
would you hold it with a grin

i don't know what's true
i don't know what to do with you

he tied you in a chair and
left you naked in the garden for an hour
your dad came round to fix the shower
he threw you a shirt
you were very sunburnt
face down in the flowers

feel like a foot washed up on a beach
you can pick him up
the rest is out of reach

a country song is just what you can't say
straight to someone's face
but still you're in my way
soon there'll be nothing left to say
and i will watch your ass
as you walk away

i don't know what's true
i don't know what to do with you
Track Name: (Dropping Out)
no where to go and nothing to do there
sitting in the library watching porn on the computer
curled up in bed listening to meat is murder
going nowhere fast

I used to have a job but I quit it
my mother guessed but I wouldn’t admit it
we talk and talk around it like two virgins at a circle pit
no one's gonna dive right in

i tried to shave
i only did one side of my face
i'm on a lot of waiting lists
i wait

i liked him from his forehead to the balls of his feet
but he’s a man in the way a cul-de-sac’s a street
he treats me like he's cooking meat
he pokes around at it then watches TV

“is there a chance the track might bend”
well, the path of least resistance always greets you like a friend
take your hands off the wheel
let the days bend

walk up the stairs
get some fried chicken
total eclipse of the heart was on the station
feels like a permanent vacation
but my feet never leave the ground

you're gonna have to snap out of it
i know i know i know

i'm caught in a trap
i can't get out
because i need you so much lately.
Track Name: Eternal Mcdonalds
dragging your car keys
up and down and your thigh
another from group therapy
had shuffled to the sky
midnight in the parking lot
yellow arches high
got ourselves in trouble
got ourselves some fries
someone jumps the fence
to the playground to piss
you can walk through the drive thru
can't walk out of this

(i'm loving it)

what's the line at amps like?
can we get in for free?
Track Name: Watching Magnolia
it's in my blood, man
it's in my head
in all the things i
undid and said
without my body
could i remain
without my body
i couldn't say

because i'm horrified

i don't remember
i can't explain
but it hums in
every frame

you won't imagine
being apart
but i could ruin your life, man
why would you want to start

because i'm horrified

Track Name: Staying Down
out of food, went to town
$15.60 shopped around
down down prices are down
it's too late to call it off

went for a walk to buy some beer
pram face down by the weir
i don't know who's sleeping here
it's too late to call it off

but still

the ants are back you want them killed
you've got to pay automo'bills
we can't afford any more spills
it's too late to call it off

values rising on the street
people you want me to meet
come and help me strip these sheets
it's too late to call it off

but still
we just go climbing up that hill
like the breath is always close behind us
always warm and close behind us
Track Name: Cargazing
la la
la la la la la
la la