Hilary Clinton b​/​w Leavers

by Ermine Coat

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released May 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Ermine Coat Melbourne, Florida


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Track Name: Hilary Clinton
tired and shiftless
took her sister to the topless bar
the drinks were not even cheap
man, cauterize the past
don't call your ex
don't crawl into his jeep

but my head's in the sink
my mind is burning
each cemetary fills to a stop
and you're never gonna get what you want
that's the only thing that you've got

go to sleep and dream of roofing shingles/
fading to a thumbprint in my jeans
can't imagine the way you seem to think of me
when the way i seem to think is so frightening

it doesn't matter if the bar is open
when you're haemorrhaging out on the floor
a tidy list of things that you cannot ignore
bring you back where you were before

where there's no pretty white girls wearing lace on the riverbank
Track Name: Leavers
La da duh duh dadada duh duh

I left my phone in the last country town
I don’t know who is hanging up on you now
my thoughts don’t bend they snap
they just glide towards some lap
or bottlecaps
but I’m just gargling knives
as we drive and drive and drive
to he-e-e-ll’s bells
teethlike fences flash by
the jawbone opens wide

and I think
but I don’t think
man did we bring enough to drink

and who was hooked on meth?
could you lie to someone knowing they’re dying
for you to watch them undress
well you’d have to take a guess
ryvita forks and morts and corks
as we talk and talk and talk
passing around a cup

grey mist
a fine bliss
filed it all under misc

(thrift shop)